SIASELCO is REFC’s 101 EC-Investor

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The Siasi Island Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SIASELCO) becomes the 101 Electric Cooperative (EC) – Investor of the Rural Electrification Financing Corporation (REFC). The coop’s Board passed a Resolution (BR No. 26, S-2017) to make an initial investment into REFC amounting to Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 500,000.00).

“The REFC Board welcomes SIASELCO into its fold,” said REFC Board President Iglorio Hinayon. “Soon we will be able to unite all the Philippine ECs to join REFC. Our aim is to pool our resources so that we could help our members through the various financial services we cater to them. The electrification industry has changed a lot since the passage of the EPIRA Law. We cannot remain idle, we have to adopt to the changes of the times and face the challenges as one. As we have been reiterating every now and then, together we can achieve more.”

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